Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mister Lebanon Will Win Mister International 2011

ebanon always produce a lot of hot hunks, well if you remember the sexiest Bachar Houli, the sexiest rugby player who no live in Australia. Now we have Mhamad Arabi Mister Lebanon 2010 who will compete in L-men Mister International 2011 in Jakarta. With that face and body, believe me this hot men will crown the title.

In his country Lebanon, he work as accountant and he was from Phoenician race. He now live Beirut city, the 24 years old men now prepare to compete with other contestant from all over the world to take the title as the new Mister International 2011.

With that body and face, this Muslim Hunks from Lebanon actually will win the competition easily. He has some Arab men feature in generally. And his hair seems so care able, he got beautiful eyes too. Well I have to admit that his body is average, but if you looking to other contestant I think he so much better than any of them.


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